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  • "Tales From The Davenport", Larry Strickland

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    TALES FROM THE DAVENPORT, by our very own Larry Strickland,  is a book filled with true and funny stories, intermixed with some sad and very revealing circumstances in the fascinating life of Larry Strickland.

    This book is a chronological account of Larry’s life and times, starting at the tender age of four. His story evokes laughter and some tears,  and entertains from cover to cover. From the days of a taxidermist, high-rise painter, fisherman, musician, and father, Larry spills his heart to his audience.

    TALES FROM THE DAVENPORT is a true stories book that will widen your eyes with every turn of the page. Be forewarned, this book contains adult language and content and is not suitable for young children.

    I might add that Larry is still in residence here with us at The Flora-Bama as of 2015, and is considered part of the fabric that holds this place together. So if you get the chance,  when you are here,  do yourself a favor and ask around to have someone to find him for you. He is one of the main characters that makes The Flora-Bama the colorful place that it is, historically.  If you're not fortunate enough to catch up with him in person, this book is the next best thing! 

    And too, when you buy this book, you're supporting our musical family. Not only does he play a mean keyboard, he compiles the iPod setlist that you'll hear playing between the band's sets.  Just a little extra trivia for ya there. You're welcome.