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  • Rusty McHugh, "Tequila Makes My Clothes Fall Off", CD

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    Rusty McHugh was a long-time regular performer at the world-famous FloraBama Lounge & Package roadhouse bar, 'on the line' of the Alabama-Florida gulf coast until the FloraBama's destruction by Hurricane Ivan in September, 2004. Following the hurricane,Rusty and the band continued to entertain at Papa Joe's/Tropical Isle on the corner of Toulouse and Bourbon in New Orleans until Rusty's death in February, 2005.

    Rusty's catalog of hundreds of songs is still in production, with future cds in the works. He loved to write songs and it's obvious! From soulful songs drawn from our southern culture such as, "On A Bus Back To Birmingham", "Purple Moon", and, "Pucker Up Dixie And Give Me A Kiss", to knee-slapping funny songs like, "I Get My Women At The Waffle House", "I Saw Your Bra Down At The FloraBama", "Walmart II -- The Return", and "My Baby Is A Seafood Platter", it all adds up to a fun time for all!