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  • "The Last American Roadhouse", DVD

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    Deep within the heart land of Americana lies something so real, so true, so roots that only a number of us fortunate enough have had the blessing to come across in our life times. How often can one find themselves sitting on a bar stool with one leg in Florida and one leg in Alabama? Meanwhile, the yuppie on your left is discussing Hank, while the Hells Angel on your right is forecasting upcoming economic trends?

    Sound surreal????? - only if you’ve never experienced the FloraBama. Nestled in the dunes of Perdido Key, FL lies a jewel of a bar that has made its landmark to those of us fortunate enough to enjoy its beauty. All senses aside, there is a feeling, an aura, an inescapable beauty of a time, place, and lifestyle that is often times forgotten in modern society.  

    Come take a ride with us as we explore a true season of the surreal. What began in April at the 20th annual Mullet Toss Festival has since culminated through Hurricane Ivan and the 20th annual International Frank Brown Songwriter’s Festival. We’ve lived, breathed, and drank the lifestyle that comprises the artistic essence of the day. Come join us as we capture our modern beatniks in a lifestyle that defies modern capitalism. Come join us as we attempt to capture the love, the leisure, and the lifestyle in The Last American Roadhouse.